the 27th iwcb charity christmas bazaar was a huge success!

We extend our sincere, heartfelt thanks to all who contributed their support, time and efforts to this grand charitable endeavor!

Additional special thanks to our Partners, Main Sponsors and Sponsors for their continued support!

Incredible teamwork from our Silent Auction team!

The IWCB Charity Christmas Bazaar, our main fundraiser, has become the largest and most visible event of the expat and diplomatic community in Slovakia.

In the past 27 years we have raised over 1 MILLION Euros, helping hundreds of charities across the country.

The Christmas Bazaar provides a unique opportunity for countries to introduce themselves to the local community through vibrant and informative tables. The event comes alive with colourful national costumes, a vast array of international products, delicious flavours and enticing scents, and a spectacular display of flags. For companies, schools and non-profit organisations, it is an excellent means of promoting their goods and/or services, as the Bazaar is a well-known and highly publicised event covered by mainstream media.

The purpose of the Bazaar:

(1) to raise money to provide financial assistance to selected, registered charity organisations in Slovakia; and
(2) to promote a greater appreciation for different cultures.

Press Release for the 27th IWCB Charity Christmas Bazaar, released in mid-November 2018 (only available in Slovak for local media).

Click here for PDF version of Press Release (in Slovak).


What is the size of this event?

In 2017 we had:

  • over 3000 visitors

  • 22 financial sponsors

  • over 500 tombola prizes

  • 31 countries

  • 2 associated clubs

  • 4 international schools

  • 4 Slovak non-profit organisations

   and raised 80.500,00 EUR!

Click here to experience: Live at the 2017 Bazaar!

*2018 Results are still being calculated! Stay tuned!

Click here to experience: Live at the 2018 Bazaar!


Who is involved?

The International Women’s Club of Bratislava is responsible for the planning, organization and execution of the Bazaar. Our Bazaar Team, under the leadership of the Bazaar Coordinator and with the support of the IWCB Board, is comprised of volunteers passionate about giving back to the local community. We are honoured to have as partners the international community in Bratislava, foreign embassies and their staff (including most of the ambassadors), local and foreign companies, City of Bratislava and the Slovak Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


Who does what?

  • Embassies, representatives of foreign countries in Slovakia, and other partners are invited to set up tables to sell a selection national products (e.g. food & beverages, souvenirs, books, etc.). They find sponsors, produce, and/or receive donations for merchandise to be sold at their table. The proceeds are then given to the IWCB for the administration of funds.

  • The IWCB is responsible for the planning, organisation and execution of the event before and on the day of the event. This includes preparation of the venue, logistics, decorations, tombola, insurance, ticket sales, etc. All volunteers involved in the Bazaar work for free, without any financial compensation.

What happens with the money raised?

All proceedss from the Bazaar are used to support registered charitable organisations all over Slovakia!

The recipients of our financial support are carefully selected. Registered Slovak charities apply for funding for specific projects to meet the needs of the population they serve. The applications are assessed by the Club’s Charity Committee and the IWCB Board before a determination is made on the allocation of funds.


October 2018 - IWCB Presentation at the 1st National Leaders’ Meeting in preparation for the 2018 Charity Christmas Bazaar.

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Interested in supporting the IWCB Charity Christmas Bazaar? Contact the Bazaar Coordinator at christmasbazaar@iwc.sk

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