Christmas Bazaar - A round-the-world journey under one roof

Bratislava (27 November) – Already the 25th Christmas Bazaar was opened in Bratislava on Sunday by Minister of Foreign and European Affairs of the Slovak Republic Miroslav Lajčák along with Bratislava Mayor Ivo Nesrovnal and Coordinator of the International Women's Club Zuzana Merrifield. Involved in this international charity event held in Stará Tržnica are 30 countries, five charity organizations and three international schools.  All of them offered traditional products, food, souvenirs and typical specialties at their stands.

I would like to thank all the foreign participants and all the visitors who arrived here. Every euro you spent goes to a good cause," stressed Minister Lajčák in his opening address. He recalled that since the first year, not only its popularity but also the number of the countries presented at the bazaar, as well as the sum collected on the entrance fees and the sales, has been increasing.  Last year it was €75,000 and since the first year in 1991, more than a million EUR has been collected in total at the Christmas Bazaar.

Minister Lajčák appreciated the active international participation, including the foreign embassies and representations of individual countries from Austria to Switzerland and Norway and as far afield as Georgia, Kuwait, Indonesia or Japan, which gives the Christmas Bazaar an exotic atmosphere and increases its attractiveness for Bratislava citizens and visitors.  “This is a journey around the world under one roof,” stated Minister Lajčák, who then visited each of the sales stands and spoke with both sellers and buyers.