Through our fundraising efforts - and with the generous contributions from our sponsors, international Embassies, schools, and other non-profit organizations - we have assisted a number of registered Slovak charitable organizations in their efforts to support the communities they serve. Our fundraising event of the year is the spectacular IWCB Charity Christmas Bazaar.

Funds raised from Christmas Bazaar, past three years:

  • 2017 - €80.500,00
  • 2016 -  €80.389,32
  • 2015 -  €74.434,83

The IWCB Charity Committee carefully considers each application for assistance (specified projects) in determining the allocation of funds.


Learn more about the IWCB Charity Christmas Bazaar


  • The IWCB Charity Committee is non-sectarian and non-political.
  • The Committee accepts applications on the approved form in English language only.
  • Applications from individuals are not accepted, nor are those from organisations outside Slovakia. 
  • The organisations applying for funding may only do so once per calendar year.
  • In general, the IWCB will not consider requests for funds to be used for operating expenses. The committee prefers specified projects that will serve a large number of people over a length of time (for example, equipment purchases rather than trips). Applications should be accompanied by supporting documentation regarding the intended use of the funds, e.g. itemized price quotes for purchases.
  • Following receipt of an application, the committee may require a site visit. The Charity Committee determines which organisations receive funds by a confidential vote and makes recommendations to the IWCB Board. In case of a donation, the recipient organisation must provide invoices and receipts documenting the appropriate use of the funds. Additionally, a follow up visit to the organisation may be made, to determine the effectiveness of the donation. All donations must be approved by the IWCB Board.



  • Download the IWCB Charity Application Form: Word doc / PDF
  • Instructions in Slovak for filling out the IWCB Charity Application Form: Word doc / PDF 
  • Tlačivo žiadosti je nutné vyplniť v angličtine. Žiadosti nám prosím neposielajte doporučene. Prosím uvádzajte konkrétny predmet žiadosti s uvedením presnej ceny, prípadne s priloženým katalógovým vyobrazením od výrobcu. V prípade poskytovanej služby (rehabilitácia a pod.) uveďte poskytovateľa a cenu.
  • The form should be sent by regular mail (not registered) to:
    Crowne Plaza Bratislava
    International Women's Club of Bratislava
    Room 1757
    Hodžovo námestie 2
    811 06 Bratislava

Or email the completed form to the IWCB Charity Coordinator: charity@iwc.sk

Hands-on Charity Project - SIBÍRKA

March 2018 - Thanks to the efforts of our Charity Committee, we helped usher in Spring at the Sibírka facility for special needs adults and children. We were given a brief tour where we learned of the various therapies offered. In addition to traditional therapies, Sibírka utilizes art therapy, hydrotherapy, canine therapy, and a "work therapy" program. We saw how many elements at Sibírka were the result of projects funded by groups like the IWCB. 
Our visit culminated in a splash of colour! Alongside clients and staff, we planted garden boxes with vibrant blooms - and had a marvelous time with some beautiful souls. Our time spent with the folks at Sibírka was truly memorable and we are thankful to them for sharing the day with us. 


Some of the projects we funded in the past