Where is your journey taking you?

Enhance your experience in Bratislava with IWCB


Why Join IWCB?

The promotion of friendship, cultural exchange, activities & interest groups, and charitable action are just some of the reasons why we, as IWCB members, joined this vibrant group. Enhance your experience in Bratislava by forging connections, growing friendships and making fond memories.

Data doesn’t lie! Scientific evidence supports that belonging to a group such as this can positively enhance life and self esteem. One particular experiment dealt with a group of women who had low life satisfaction. Some of the women were introduced to others who shared their situation, and some of the women were left on their own to deal with their concerns. Those who interacted with others saw a 55 percent reduction in their concerns over time, while those who were left out on their own showed no improvement.
— Hunter and Liao, 1995

In the IWC of Bratislava you will:

  • Build life-long friendships.
  • Engage in cultural exchange with women from different cultural backgrounds, enhancing your appreciation of those cultures, particularly that of our host country, Slovakia.
  • "Make a difference" by becoming involved in various charitable activities.
  • Take the opportunity to try new things in a new environment/culture through IWCB activities & events.
  • Get access to FREE Interest groups.
  • Receive a monthly newsletter.
  • Get access to the Members Only Facebook Group.
  • Enjoy a selection of savings and discounts with our IWCB membership card.



How to join?


  1. Membership Application - Fill out the membership application form (available as PDF or Word doc). 
  2. Submit Application - Email your application together with your photo (can be electronic or a passport photo scan) to the Membership Coordinator: membership@iwc.sk. You can also submit your application in person at Coffee Mornings.
  3. Pay Membership Fee - Payment can be made via bank transfer, see details below. Once your application has been accepted and we have receipt of payment, we will issue your IWCB membership card.  


Contact us at membership@iwc.sk



Our Current Membership fees

  • FULL YEAR - Regular:  70 EUR
  • FULL YEAR - Senior:    50 EUR
  • HALF YEAR - Regular: 40 EUR
  • HALF YEAR - Senior:   30 EUR

* Senior = over 60 years of age
** Half year (January to June or July to December)

Additional Admin Fees:

  • New Member Fee:  5 EUR
  • Interrupted membership:  5 EUR
  • Full Year Late renewal:  5 EUR

Once membership is accepted, membership payments are not refundable.
IWCB membership year runs from January 1 to December 31.  
Deadline for membership renewal is December 31, new members are welcome to join at any time! 

For payment by bank transfer, please use the following details:

IWCB Business Bank Account at Tatra banka
Account No: 2664000125/1100
IBAN: SK29 1100 0000 0026 6400 0125

Be sure to use “2018” as a variable symbol together with “membership 2018 [your name]” in the description so that the Treasurer can record your payment properly.