The International Women’s Club Bratislava (IWCB) grew from a need to connect foreign and local women with shared interests and a desire to contribute to the local community. Today, these origins and commonalities continue to propel us forward with a renewed spirit. The promotion of friendship, cultural exchange, activities & interest groups, and charitable action hold fast as the pillars of the IWCB.

Initiated by Eva Hacker wife of the US consul, the IWC was founded at the beginning of November in Bratislava. Its purpose is to promote Slovak culture and contacts between foreign and local women. This initiative was warmly welcomed among others by Ing. Marta Čarnogurská. The official language at meetings is English and 90% of the Club‘s membership is made up of foreign women currently living in Bratislava.

IWCB is registered with the Slovak Ministry of Interior as a recognized civic association under registration number VVS/1-900/90-7465.

The Club is also a member of the “Open Door” network of International Women’s Associations worldwide and through this umbrella organisation we have contacts with 80 women’s groups in 40 different countries.

We are One, We are Strong

I realized that there was a need to encourage interaction between Slovak and foreign women in Bratislava. An easy way would be to find a mutual interest that we women, without any political or diplomatic borders, would have in common. Was there any better way of getting organized than creating an international women’s organization where we foreigners could get involved in volunteer work and fund-raising events together with our Slovak counterparts for joint humanitarian causes?
— Eeva Hacker, IWCB Founding President


  • To promote friendship and understanding.

  • To provide opportunities for improving insights into and appreciation of the life and culture of our host country, as well engage in cultural exchange within the diverse international community.

  • To facilitate networking, activities, special interest groups, and an active lifestyle.

  • To assist selected charity groups financially and encourage our members to engage in charitable action.

In addition to regularly occurring Activities & Events, members can join the Charity Committee and be part of the Team of the International Christmas Bazaar.

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